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IGC A-8 Technical Production Workflow

What is the sequence of production steps that is srequired t produce any printed item Workflow
What are thumbnails, comprehensives, file creation and job submittal Phases of Design
Using software applications to form ideas that communicate a purpose for a product. It can be with graphics/text or both. Image Creation
A device that can take any image or artwork and breaks it into digital information to be input into a computer. Scanning
Modification of and data, either in print or electronically that involves changing text or graphics. Image Editing
Document planning and electronic layout that merges text and graphics Page Layout
Prototypes showing how the design will appear when printed on press. They are also used throughout the printing process to check quality management Proofing
A set of instructions that gives exact instructions on what to do with a product. Job Specifications
Understanding the design specifications, analyze the phases of production and assign costs to the materials and time needed to produce a job. Estimating
A person who is responsible for both customer communication and manufacturing communication. Customer Service Representative (CSR)
A person who is responsible for assigning dates and times for jobs to be scheduled on machines throughout the shop Production Planner
Electronically checking files before they enter production for complete information that is needed to produce the job. Pre-Flighting
Altering electronic files by making changes for proper manufacturing . File Repair
Electronically manipulating images to overlap on on another to ensure perfect visual butting of images Trapping
The positioning of pages on a sheet to create correct sequence of a folded sheet or the position pages on a press sheet for the most economical production method Imposition
A high resolution ouput device that takes bitmapped data generated by a raster image processor. Imagesetter
The process of assembling film in a proper layout on a sheet of paper called a flat Film Assembly
Exposing an image through negatives on a flat by a light source and developing the exposed images. Analog System Plate-making
Digitally exposing a plate to create an image on the plate. Eliminating the need for a negative. Computer To Plate (CTP)
All operations necessary to set up a printing press for printing. Make-ready
The actual printing of the desired number of copies of a print job Press-run
The cleaning up of ink rollers, plates, cylinders that is often performed at the end of a printing job Wash-up
The activities performed on printed material after printing that involve cutting/folding or fastening Binding and Finishing
The gathering of non personalized printed products for delivery for further delivery process of the printed product or direct shipping to the customer Packaging and Shipping
Using software applications to print individual addresses on single printed products for mailing by the US Post Office Mailing and Distribution
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