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Social Studies 7


Age of Exploration A time period from the late 1400's-1600's when Europeans began to travel across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas and created colonies
Cartography the science of making maps Was important to exploration, helping sailors cross the Atlantic
Caravel A small highly maneuverable three- masted ship used by the Portuguese and the Spanish in the exploration of the Americas
Astrolabe An instrument used in navigation which allowed sailors to determine latitude at sea, by measuring the position of the stars
Magnetic Compass A Chinese invention that aided in navigation fro explorers, by showing which direction was North
Christopher Columbus He accidentally discovered the Americas in 1492, while searching for an all water route to India His voyage sparked further colonization of the Americas and the Columbian Exchange (trade route)
Henry Hudson An English explorer who sailed for the Dutch He explored and claimed the Hudson River/Hudson Bay He tried to find a Northwest Passage across the Arctic Ocean to Asia
Jacques Cartier French explorer who explored the St. Lawrence River Laid claim to the region for France (1491-1557) Named Canada after the Huron word, "Kanata"
Ferdinand Magellan Sailed for Spain and Portugal around South America Discovered the Strait of Magellan Crew was the first to circumnavigate (travel around) the world
Samuel de Champlain French explorer who settled modern Quebec city discovered Lake Champlain, bordering Vermont and NY
Vasco da Gama The first European to reach India by sea sailing around the tip of Africa (Cape of Good Hope) Established major trading routes between Europe and Asia
Giovanni da Verrazano Italian explorer who sailed for France He discovered New York Harbor He later sailed to Brazil, Florida, and the Bahamas.
Columbian Exchange The exchange of plants, animals, diseases, and technologies between the Americas and the Old World (Europe, Asia, Africa)
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