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Chapter 3 Part 1


What is the lost colony? Roanoke
Who received the charter for Roanoke? Sir Walter Raleigh
Who was the governor of Roanoke? John White
Who was the first English baby born in the USA? Virginia Dare
What happened to the settlers of Roanoke? Nobody knows
What was the only clue left behind on the island of Roanoke? Croatoan
Who was granted a charter to colonize Virginia in 1606? Virginia Company
What were the names of the three ships which brought the Jamestown settlers? Susan Constant, Discovery,Godspeed
When did the Jamestown settlers arrive? 1606
Where did the Jamestown settlers set up a colony? Chesapeake Bay
What kinds of problems did the Jamestown settlers face? Disease, famine, lack of supplies, etc.
Which professional soldier took over control of the Jamestown colony? John Smith
What did John Smith contribute to the Jamestown colony? Don't work, don't eat, defense, improved Native relations
Who was the daughter of Chief Powhatan? Pocahontas
How did John Smith and Pocahontas meet? She saved him from execution
How did John Smith and Pocahontas’ relationship maintain peace between the Native Americans and the settlers? They were both the voices of reason for their people
Who did Pocahontas marry? John Rolfe
How did John Smith and Pocahontas’ relationship maintain peace between the Native Americans and the settlers? Their marriage was blessed by both leaders of the groups
What did John Rolfe contribute to Jamestown beyond his marriage? The cash crop: Tobacco
What name did Pocahontas adopt? Rebecca
What happened to Pocahontas when she visited England? She died
What was the survival rate in Jamestown in 1609? 25%
What cash crop ensured the survival of the Jamestown settlers? Tobacco
What is a land grant of fifty acres? Headright
Who are people who sold labor in exchange for passage to a colony? Indentured Servant
Why did the European powers have to leave the Americas for a new source of cheap labor? Natives revolted and/or died
What slave trade route went directly from Africa to the New World? Middle Passage
What slave trade route included three key locations trading molasses (sugar), rum and slaves? Triangle Trade
Approximately how many slaves were brought to the New World? 10 million
What former indentured servant led a revolt against the authorities at Jamestown? Nathaniel Bacon
Why did the Pilgrims leave England? Religious Freedom
What did the Pilgrims call themselves? Separatists
Where did the Pilgrims first settle after leaving England? Holland
What ship brought the Pilgrims to Plymouth? Mayflower
What three main concepts of government did the Mayflower Compact establish? Work together, Pass Just Laws, Elect and Obey Government Leaders
Who led the Pilgrims into Plymouth? Willaim Bradford
What happened to the Pilgrims during their first winter? 50 died
Who befriended the Pilgrims? Squanto
Why could Squanto speak English? Lived in England for a while
What did Squanto and his friends teach the Pilgrims? To Farm, fish and hunt
Who invited the Native Americans to the first Thanksgiving? Miles Standish
Why was it a misunderstanding? He thought he was inviting the Chief and his family, but he was really inviting:
the whole Tribe or all of the Tribal Elders for a three day fest
How was the misunderstanding fixed so that everyone could enjoy the festival? Everyone went out and brought back a dish to share
How many people attended the first Thanksgiving approximately?140
What types of food were eaten at the first Thanksgiving? Turkey, other fowl, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, etc
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