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Ch. 8 Colonization

BJU Ch.8 Colonization of the Americas

Education thrived in these Colonies because they wanted people to read the Bible. English colonies.
The Portugese colonized what South American country? Brazil
Is Latin (or South) America part of the New World or Old World? New World
What church did the Pilgrims separate from? Church of England
Where was there more unrest after gaining independence- North America or South America? South America
Term for Cowboys in Argentina Gauchos
Term for poor neighborhoods in colonial cities Barrios
Full-blooded Spaniards or Portugese born in the Americas Creoles
Large country estates owned by the wealthy Haciendas
People with Indian and Spanish parents Mestizos
Revolutionaries who overthrew weak governments caudillos
Spanish rulers who were chosen by the Council of the Indies Viceroys
Nobles that ruled Portuguese Colonies Donatarios
Spaniards born in Spain peninsulares
Bean-producing plant that originated in Arabia, was later introduced to South America, and eventually became a major crop. Coffee
Colony of the Puritans Massachusetts Bay
The line that the pope used to separate the areas of Spanish and Portuguese exploration. Line of Demarcation
Whose nation's colonies offered the most religious freedom? United States of America
Name one man from Jamestown that is known for his strong leadership. John Smith / Sir Thomas Dale
What is the name of the document that was created AFTER the Declaration of Independence that established the current government of the United States? Constitution
This nation was the first to buy slaves from Africa to bring to Europe as early as 1441. Portugal
French explorer that discovered the St. Lawrence River Jacques Cartier
French explorer that discovered 2 Great Lakes and Lake Champlain and was known as the Father of New France. Samuel de Champlain
Liberator of Venezuelan and Columbia. Simon Bolivar.
Argentine Liberator of Chile and Peru. Jose de San Martin
What is the main reason that colonists in the South American colonies were so discontent. They were not allowed free trade (of anything- ideas, goods, etc.)
This nation colonized the majority of South America. Spain
The first king of independent Brazil Pedro I
The one revolution in America that resulted in the United States of America. War for Independence or American Revolution



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