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Social Studies

Chapter 9 Lessons 2 and 3: The War Begins and Life During the Civil War

ENLIST To join the military
BLOCKADE A barrier of troops or ships to keep people an supplies from moving in or out of an area
OVERWHELM Beaten or vanquished
HORRIFIC Having the power to horrify; frightening or shocking.
PROCLAMATION An official announcement, usually by the government
EMANCIPATION The setting free of enslaved African Americans
JUNETEENTH The name of a celebration for the day enslaved African Americans in Texas learned of the Emancipation Proclamation
PROVE Find out something is difficult or a problem
EXHIBIT A collection of items put out so that people can see them.
ORGANIZE THESE EVENTS IN THE CORRECT ORDER: Emancipation Proclamation Juneteenth holiday created First Battle of Bull Run Clara Barton starts the Red Cross Battle of Antietam
WHAT HAPPENED AFTER LINCOLN ISSUED THE EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION Enslaved Americans in states at war with the Union were set free.
WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING ISSUES MADE SOLDIERS' LIVES THE MOST DIFFICULT DURING THE CIVIL WAR? They did not have fresh food and access to supplies to replace items, such as worn out boots.
WHAT CONTRIBUTED TO THE SPREAD OF INFECTIONS AND DISEASES ON THE CIVIL WAR BATTLEFIELD? Wounded soldiers were exposed to dirty medical instruments, beddings and doctors who did not always wash their hands.
WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING CONTRIBUTIONS DID MANY WOMEN ON THE HOME FRONT MAKE DURING THE CIVIL WAR? Women looked after their families and filled jobs that had been held by men.
WHAT DIFFERENCE DID PHOTOGRAPHY MAKE IN HOW PEOPLE VIEWED THE CIVIL WAR? Photography allowed people to see battlefield images that had not been available before.
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