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Melbourne quiz


How did the first settlers describe the basin at Melbourne? They were delighted by the beauty, the velvet like grass, the fresh water and the lagoons on the flat or swamps with ducks and swans.
What was the name of the hill where they enjoyed extraordinary views? It was called Batman’s hill
Describe the view Beautiful, the sent smelt like Wattle Blossoms and the river above the falls were stunning.
Who lived in the area we now call Victoria before the European settlers came? As long as 40,000 years the Aborigines of this land lived in what we now call Victoria.
Who owned the land where the city of Melbourne is now? The Wurundjeri tribe were the fist settlers of Melbourne.
What was the other tribe south east of this one? The Bunurong tribe lived south east of Melbourne.
List 5 facts about living in a tribe. - They speak a different language - They move around a lot - They would use tools and weapons to hunt and kill animals to eat. - Sacred places are always used - They were smart for were they would set up there camp (water, food, shelter)
How did the aboriginal people feel about their tribal land? They felt a part of there tribal land.
How did Europeans use land? They flattened out land for housing and roads unlike the aborigines.
What are ‘scarred trees’? The sacred trees were found close to river where the native people would calve out a piece of bark to make canoes, shelter or containers, the tree is sometimes called canoe trees
Where have stone tools been found? They have been found in camp site in Bandoora Park.
Describe 5 negative effects of European settlement on Aboriginal life. They bought diseases and killed a lot of the Aborigines as well as animals. They also restricted the food and bought in animals that ate all the grass.
What advantage did Europeans have over the Aboriginal people? Money and a lot more people and weapons.
How many Aboriginal people were left in Victoria after 25 years? 2000 Aboriginal people were left in Victoria
How many aboriginal people were left after 50 years? Then after another 25 years there were only 1000 Aborigines.
What was the first British settlement in Australia and what was it called and used for? Melbourne wasn’t the first British settlement in Australia. The first was established at Sydney Cove by Captain Phillip in 1788.
Describe the expedition of John Murray and Matthew Flinders. In 1802 both John Murray and Matthew Flinders explored the Port Phillip Bay area.
What did David Collins think about Port Phillip In October 1803 David Collins arrived at Port Phillip to find the settlement suggested by Governor King.
What mistake did these two explorers make? The soil was poor, there were few trees, and there wasn’t much fresh water. The settlement was abandoned only 7 months later.
What happened on June 6th 1835? On 6th June 1835 he met with a group of Aborigines in what is now the North cote area, and ‘brought’ about 600,000 acres (243,000 hectares) of land from them.
What happened to John Fawkner? Fawkner himself was put off the ship after 3 days. Some say he was sea-sick, but others claim he was not supposed to leave the colony because he was os heavily in debt.
What did Fawkner’s men do? They continued and on the 29th of August they sailed up the Yarra and anchored near the same place that has been picked as suitable for a settlement by Batman’s party, and also by Grimes‘ expedition about 30 years earlier.
What did the settlement have a year after European arrival? They had 13 buildings, 142 European Males, 35 European Females, 26,500 Sheep, 100 Cattle and 57 Horses
In what year was the Port Phillip settlement made official? In September 1836 the Sir Richard Bourke, the Governor of New South Wales, made the Port Phillip Settlement official.
How did Melbourne get its name? Until then it had been known as ‘Bearbrass’, said to be an Aboriginal name. Various other names had been suggested, including ‘Batmania’ but Bourke decided to name the settlement ‘Melbourne‘ after the British Prime Minster, Lord Melbourne.
Why was it hard for ordinary people to buy land to settle on? Rich men bought as much land as they could afford to resell at higher prices. This made it hard for ordinary people to buy land to settle on.
How did the streets get their names? The main city streets were named by Governor Bourke in 1837. The lanes between them, originally meant to be back entrances to properties were not named until 1838.
In what condition were the streets said to be? They were in horrible conditions with cattle and even people drowning from the floods in Elizabeth street.
What were the first buildings made from? The walls were generally sod squares of packed earth or slabs split logs with roofs of bark, thatch using reeds from the Yarra or wooden shingles.
Whose house can be seen next to the Botanic Gardens in Melbourne? Superintendent La Trobe’s house was next to the botanic gardens.
What was the celebration held in November 1850? Melbourne cup day was made. At the races the women dress up in frocks and hats.
When was gold first discovered in Victoria? 1850
What was the period where people desperately tried to find gold called? 1851-1860
Why was this a problem for the government and what did they do about it? Melbourne continued to flourish until the 1890s, when a combination of problems led to a general shortage of money. Jobs were scare, and many unemployed people and their families suffered great hardship. There was another serious depression in the 1930s.
What did newcomers to Melbourne bring with them. The newcomers brought with them all sorts of skills, and the need for food, shelter, clothing, machinery, education and entertainment meant new job opportunities.
What was money spent on? The gold rose from $5 million in 1848 to $55 million in 1851.
What happened to Melbourne in the 1890’s and in the 1930’s Jobs were scare, and many unemployed people and their families suffered great hardship. There was another serious depression in the 1930s.
What happened in 1901? On 1 January 1901, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia united to become the Commonwealth of Australia.
When was the Federal Parliament established and what did it mean? On 9 May 1901 the new Federal Parliament was opened at the Exhibition Building, complete with important overseas visitors, trumpet fanfares and much cheering.
How long did Melbourne remain the capital of Australia? The national capital was initially Melbourne, following the 1901 Federation of Australia.
What is the capital of Australia now? Canberra
Who visited Melbourne in 1954? Queen Elizabeth the second. This was the first time the city had been host to a reigning monarch.
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