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My Czech Part 1

First set of Czech words

bag taška
all všechen
bad špatný
bell žvonek
book kniha
box krabice
boy chlapec
chair židle
desk stúl
exercise cvícení
full of piný
good dobrý
hall hala
here zde, tady
late pozde
map mapa
mess neporadek
morning rano
mother matka
oh ach
on na
ready pripaveny, hotovy
ring zvonit
room pokoj
so tak
sorry prominte
table stul
textbook ucebnice
these tito
they oni
think myslit
those tamti
three tri
too prilis
untidy neporadny
we my
where kdy
I'm sorry. Sorry. Prominte. Lituji.
I'm sorry, I'm late. Prominte, ze prichazim pozde.
We're late. Jdme pozde.
The room is a mess. V pokoji je nepordek.
She's at school. Je ve skode.
They're in the garden. Jsou na zahrade.
What's your name? Jak se jmenujete?
What's his/her name? Jak se jmenuje?
My name is.... Jmenuje se .......
Created by: DragonRiderGyrl