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Social Studies


Charter A legal document that grants rights to people or businesses
New England colonist education All children need to be able to read the Bible
Who could vote? Only Male Church going members could vote
England pays little attention to the colonies this leads to The growth of representative government in the colonies in the late 1600
John Locks Enlightenment ideas People are born with natural rights
New England Primer is a pain that many of the children were named after important religious figures
Navigation Acts England got the better deal on trade with the colonies and this made the colonist very angry Tangle trade
What religion did people practice in the New England Colonies Protestant: Puritans and Pilgrims Maine not religiously tolerant Rhode Island: Roger Williams founded the colony. Religious tolerant
What religion did people practice in the Middle Colonies Religious Tolerance -diverse-Puritans, Jews, French, Huguenots, Catholics, etc
What religion did people practice in the Southern Colonies Protestant/Maryland- English Catholics Toleration Act of 1649: illegal to restrict rights of Christian groups
What wars did they have in the New England Colonies No wars
What wars did they have in the Middle Colonies English conquered Amsterdam
What wars did they have in the Southern Colonies Conflict with Native Americans Bacon Rebellion: Wanted to be able to take the Native American land and was against trade with them
What was the New England Colonies land like Difficult climate for growing/Rocky Soil
What was the Middle Colonies land like Good climate for farming/Philadelphia and New York City are major port cities
What was the Southern Colonies land like Good climate for growing/Cash Crops like Tobacco, Sugar, Corn, and Indigo
What groups lived in the colony of New England English/Had to read the English Bible
What groups lived in the Middle Colonies Dutch, Swedes, Finns, Scots, English
What groups lived in the Southern Colonies England/Carolines majority population slaves/Georgia debtors colonies
What was the government like in the New England Colonies John Winthrop was the leader of Massachusetts Male landowning church member could only vote in Massachusetts Fundamental Orders of Connecticut: All men not just church members could vote Thomas Hooker: Connecticut
What was the government like in the Middle Colonies William Penn: Leader of Penn/George Carteret, Lord John Berkley- Proprietors of New Jersey/Duke of York proprietors of New York
What was the government like in the Southern Colonies Slave codes- laws to control slaves
What jobs were done in the New England Colonies Oil, Traded local goods, Fishing and Whaling, and Shipbuilding
What jobs were done in the Middle Colonies Fur Trade New York and New Jersey Grew grains: Wheat, Barley, Oats Slave Labor: Mostly relied on there servants to do the work
What jobs were done in the Southern Colonies Large Farms: Cash crops like Tobacco, Rice, and Indigo Indentured servants and slave labor
What were the Salem Witch Trials? 1. King William’s War resulted in people fleeing to Salem, straining its resources 2. Many people disliked the greedy Reverend Parris, the new minister of Salem 3. Two young girls named Elizabeth and Abigail accused three women of witchcraft
What were Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God? He was a Teacher, pastor, missionary, and college president who carried Puritan ideas and beliefs into the eighteenth century
What did Jonathan Edwards speech tell about? Raise fear in the hearts of those who were not sincere in their beliefs
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