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Global 10

Age of Revolution

Toussaint L'Ouverture Nationalist leader of Haitian Independence Former slave, led a slave rebellion Educated/ inspired by Enlightenment works Kidnapped by Napoleon's orders and died in France
Simon Bolivar Nationalist leader of South America, who helped earn independence from Spain Born in Argentina to the Creole class Nickname "the liberator" Bolivia is named after him
Jose de San Martin Nationalist leader who helps South America get independence from Spain. He was a creole Lead an army across Chile into Peru (Andes) Peru earned independence and became "supreme protector of Peru"
Balance of Power When countries share power relatively equally
Clemens Von Metternich Austrian Prince who led the Congress of Vienna Goals: Restore European monarchs Opposed to Democracy ( republic)
Congress of Vienna A meeting in 1815 after Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo. Goals: Restore a balance of power in Europe Restore monarchies Keep Peace Keep France from growing too strong
Concert of Europe A European peace keeping organization Created at the Congress of Vienna Kept peace for approx. 40 years
Conservatism A set of beliefs that values traditional ways (positive and negative) Congress of Vienna= Conservative Bring back monarchs
Nationalism Extreme pride in one's ethic group or nation Needed for Latin American Independence and German/ Italian Unification
Giuseppe Garibaldi Nationalist leader of Italian Unification] Nicknamed "the sword" Formed the "Red Shirt" army to fight for unification and Independence from Austria
Giuseppe Mazzini Nationalist leader of Italian Unification "The Heart and Soul" Founded "Young Italy"
Camillo Cavour Nationalist leader of Italian Unification "The Brain" Creating alliances with Britain and France to defeat Austria
Otto Van Bismarck Nationalist leader of German Unification Chancellor of Prussia Used real politik and "blood iron" to unite Germany
Real Politik Political strategy of doing anything necessary to achieve one's goals. ( violence) Examples: Bismarck and Robespierre
"Blood and Iron" Speech given y Bismarck "Blood"- human sacrifice or fighting- Unify Germany "Iron"- represented industrialization
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