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reading quiz

150 to 161

What were some of the reasons for the sudden dominance of the United States in worldwide cotton production after 1800? 1. demand was growing 2. cotton gin made it easier to process 3. cotton farmers had access to more land
what were the two developments in the late 1790´s set the stage for the rapid expansion of cotton production in the united states? 1. many Europeans came to prefer cotton clothing to wool/linen. (cotton was cooler and more comfortable) 2. set of technological changes that launched the worldwide expansion of cotton (flying shuttle)
What did Eli Whitney invent? cotton gin (gin is short for engine)
cotton gin originally designed by Eli Whitney in 1793-1794, the cotton gin allowed the inexpensive processing of cotton
Black Belt The cotton-growing region that was developed in the early 1800s, stretching from Georgia through Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, named for its rich black soil.
Where did the Boston Associates get workers and what did they need them for? The Boston Associates needed workers for their giant looms and mills. They turned to young women from the farms where most New Englanders lived.
What financing helped make the Industrial Revolution happen? Many farmers had long needed to borrow money for seed and fertilizer to plant a crop. New corporations needed loans to build the factories for producing the cotton cloths
why was new york important to the cotton industry? had a port big enough for the ships from europe was home to many banks, investment houses, and insurance companies that helped finance the cotton industry
What led to the Panic of 1819? 1819 the growth came to a screeching temporary halt four years of peace Europe growing more food and good harvest (less need for imported american grain) more cotton being delivered to Liverpool than mills could process value of cotton fell
Created by: rees417
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