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MBSID Vocabulary

20 Vocab Words on My Brother Sam is Dead

Patriot A person who supports the ideas of the patriots and opposes Britain
Loyalist Someone who lives in the colonies yet supports the British
Tavern A place similar to a pub
Principles a guiding sense of the requirements and obligations of proper conduct
Petition a formal written request bearing the names of people making the request and addressed to people or groups of authority
Enlistment a period of time for which one is committed to military service
Sedition any action promoting discontent with a government; mutiny
Turmoil a state of great commotion, confusion, or disturbance
Fusillade a continuous discharge of firearms
Foreboding a prediction; a strong inner feeling of a future misfortune
Subversion the act of overthrowing or destroying, as a government
Cipher to solve or make a mathematical calculation or computation
Hardtack hard dry bread or biscuit, especially as rations for sailors.
Vanguard the leading units moving at the head of an army
Insignia a badge worn to show official position
Stockade fortification consisting of a fence set firmly for defense
recaltritance having an obstinately uncooperative attitude toward authority or discipline
Whet sharpen the blade of (a tool or weapon)
Clemency mercy; lenience.
Defection the desertion of one's country or cause in favor of an opposing one.
Forceps an instrument for grasping, holding firmly, or exerting traction upon objects especially for delicate operations (as by jewelers or surgeons)
Created by: iceinveins
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