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Chiropractic words

A manipulation using sudden shallow thrusts or toggle Toggle Recoil Technique
Movement of a joint calculated in degrees of a circle Range of Motion (ROM)
Technique for detecting differences in a leg length Positive Anatomical Leg Length Technique (PAL)
An alternative to forceful manipulation,using an adjusting machine or thrust (reflex tech) Low-Force Technique
Cartilage that protects the nervous system by cushioning the vertebrae Disc
Condition of the facial nerves,causing pain, muscle spasms or paralysis Bells Palsy
A variation of normal as a result of genetic or birth defect Anomaly
A technique needing traction and pressure on the spine before manual thrust Carver Technique
Subluxation or spinal nerve stress, a blockage to your health Vertebral Subluxation Complex
Function (physiology) Biodynamics
Structure (anatomy) Biomechanics
Precise delicate maneuver that is seldom painful Chiropractic Adjustment
Injury where bones meet (ie. joint) Articular Injury
Partially restricted vertebrae Fixations
Partially displaced vertebrae Subluxations
Determines progress such as a pain scale Clinical Markers
An organ that doesn't work because it's filled with cancer Progressive Disease (ie. Cancer)
Distrubance of a function not a progressive disease Functional Medicine
Excruciating Pain (acute pain) Intractable
Ongoing Pain Chronic Pain
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