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Unit 4 Review

Review for Unit 4 US History

XYZ affair Incident in which French diplomats demanded a bribe from American diplomats. Caused tensions between US and France.
Impressment Practice in which Britain took sailors off US ships and forced them to serve in the British navy.
war hawks Nickname for people who strongly advocated for war against Great Britain leading up to the War of 1812
Results of War of 1812 Increased American nationalism and US maintained independence and territory
strict constructionist Someone who believed that if the Constitution did not explicitly state the government had the authority to do something, that meant they could not do it.
Louisiana Purchase Doubled the size of the United States for $15 million
Lewis and Clark Were sent by Jefferson to explore the Louisiana territory and track the terrain, plants, animals and report back about Native Americans who lived there.
Gibbons v. Ogden Supreme Court Case that reaffirmed the fact that the federal (national) government has the power to regulate interstate commerce. Helps strengthen the federal government.
McCulloch v. Maryland Ruled that the supremacy clause means that a state cannot tax the federal government and ruled that the necessary and proper clause made the creation of the National Bank constitutional.
Monroe Doctrine Stated that the Western Hemisphere was closed to further European colonization.
Cotton Gin Drastically increased the production of cotton and lead to an increase in slavery in the United States
Missouri Compromise Allowed Missouri to be a slave state, Maine a free state and stated that going forward, slavery north of the 36/30' line was prohibited.
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