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American Gov. S10

Standard 10

Which Amendment dictates the terms of the President and Vice-President? 20th Amendment
How old must a person be in order to run for President and Vice-President? 35 years of age
What is the main job of the president as Commander-n- Chief? Command the military
According to the 22nd Amendment, a president can serve up to ___ years. 10
In the past, presidents have all been ______________ (religion). Protestant
President Kennedy was the only president to be a _________. Catholic
What type of democracy does the 12th Amendment set up? representative
How many electors represent the electoral college? 538
How many electoral votes are given to Washington, DC? 3
How many electoral votes does Georgia cast? 16
The President raises money for his party. Which role? Party leader
As chief executive, the president governs the executive branch.
Which role allows the president to meet foreign dignitaries and develop foreign policy? Chief diplomat
What is an executive order? A order issued by the president that has the same power as federal law.
To reduce one's judicial sentence is called commute
Another word for postpone is reprieve.
As Chief of State, the president is a symbol of our nation.
Which Amendment addresses succession? 25th Amendment
Who becomes president if the President and Vice-President are unable to perform their duty? Speaker of the House
How many electoral votes are needed for a person to become president? 270 (majority)
Which role of the President is similar to an CEO of a company? Chief Executive
A group pardon to people for an offense against the governments is known as amnesty.
How long is a presidential term? 4 years
How many years must a possible candidate for president and vice-president live in the U.S.? 14 years
Succession means to come after.
The Electoral College votes for the president.
Does the President have the power to declare war? No
When are presidential elections held? first Tuesday after the first Monday in November
As Chief party leader, the president must campaign for people running for office in his party.
The role of the Speaker of the House is to control the House floor.
Address to the nation by the President is called the State of the Union address.
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