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Which of the following wanted to punish the Confederate states during Reconstruction? Radical Republicans
President Johnson was impeached by whom? House of Representatives
Which of the following Amendments abolished slavery? 13th
In the Compromise of 1877, Hayes was elected President agreeing to what? To remove the last Union troops from the South
Southern whites restricted the freedom of African Americans soon after the Civil War by using what ? Black Codes
Which best describes the economic situation of many African Americans in the South after the Civil War? Slavery was replaced by the cycle of poverty through Sharecropping
What did the Supreme Court rule in Plessy V. Ferguson? Segregation is legal as the separate facilities are equal
African Americans were provided with food, clothes and education during Reconstruction by whom? Freedman's Bureau
Southerners who supported Reconstruction were known as what? Scalawags
What are freedmen? African Americans who were freed from slavery after the Civil War
Northerners who moved South during Reconstruction were known as what? Carpetbaggers
Which amendment gave African Americans the right to vote? 15th
The term Reconstruction means what? To rebuild the South after the Civil War
What was one thing used to keep African Americans from voting? Poll taxes
The goal of the Ku Klux Klan was to do what? Keep African Americans in the South powerless
Which amendment gave African Americans equal rights of citizenship? 14th
The South was divided into how many military districts? 5
The South was divided into 5 military districts so that what could happen? Union Soldiers could make sure Southerners were following Reconstruction laws
Why was the 13th amendment necessary? The Emancipation Proclamation had not freed all the slaves
Suffrage means what? Vote
What political party set up the military districts? Republican
What ended the military districts? The Compromise of 1877
What types of laws were in the South following the Plessy court case? Jim Crow laws
What methods of intimidation did the KKK use to achieve their goal? Hang African Americans, burn their homes and churches, kill people, and be violent
What was the goal of the KKK? Terrorized African Americans and keep them like slaves
What group of people were abused by the KKK? African Americans
Why was Johnson impeached? He was not enforcing the laws regarding Reconstruction
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