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Westward Expansion


America was interested in education because . . . education makes a difference in the way we live.
In 1784 40,000 acres were set aside by who? GA General Assembly
Abraham Baldwin wrote which school's charter? University of Georgia
Who should have a education according to Baldwin? All people, not just the wealthy.
UGA was the _____ public university established by a ________ _______________. It set an example for today’s American system of ________ colleges and universities. first, state government, public
Athens is where what is located? UGA
Savannah Fist capital and first planned city of GA. However as citizens moved west so did the capital.
Augusta Second Capital of GA. However it was still to far east for many people.
Louisville It was the 3rd capital of GA. It was named after King Louis XVI. Louisville was close to Indians for trade. The government officially moved their ten years later. It allowed legislation to address Indian conflicts.
Milledgeville Was the capital for 61 years, and was on the Oconee River.
Atlanta Current capital of Georgia, and had the original name of Terminus. After Terminus it was Marthasville.
True or False: The head of the family got the land in the headright system. True
Created by: Rilynn