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Why was the University of Georgia established? Because they believed that education affected the way of living.
The Georgia Assembly in 1784 set aside how much land of the University of Georgia? 40,000 Acres.
Who wrote the school charter for the University of Georgia, and signed the Constitution and Declaration of Independence? Abraham Balwdin.
Abraham Baldwin said that, "___ ______ deserve an education, not just the _______." "All people deserve an education, not just the wealthy."
The University of Georgia was the first public university established by a state government, it set an example for future what? The University of Georgia set an example for future public colleges.
Where is the University of Georgia located? Athens, GA.
Name the 5 capitals of Georgia. Savannah, Augusta, Louisville, Milledgeville, Atlanta.
What was Savannah? Why was Savannah's location inconvenient for legislators and citizens? First capital of Georgia. As the population moved westward, Savannah became less convenient for legislatures and citizens, as they needed a more centralized capital.
When was Augusta established the capital of Georgia? 1786.
Why was Augusta inconvenient? Augusta was too far east as citizens complained. The population of Georgia was moving rapidly east, and the capital became quickly intolerable to travel to.
Lousville was established as the capital when? Established as the capital in 1786 by the General Assembly, near the Ogechee River. (The Ogechee River provided water transport and other uses.)
Who is Louisville named after? Why was Louisville named after this person? Louisville is named in honor of King Louis XVI of France, for his help during the Revolutionary War in being allies with the United States.
When was Milledgeville established as the capital of Georgia? How long was it the capital? Made capital l in 1807, Milledgeville was the capital for 61 years.
Atlanta, what was its original name? Why was Atlanta named this? Terminus was the original name for Atlanta. This is because Atlanta was the end of many railroad lines connecting to the North, it was known as the "Gate City".
The Headright Land System in Georgia gave who the land? How much land would they recieve? The head of the household got ownership of the land, 200 acres, plus an additional 50 for every household member.
What was the limitation on land in the Headright System? 1,000 acres.
What effect did the Headright System have on the government? It lead to corruption and land fraud.
How much did the Headright System cost a family? A small surveying fee.
Who recieved the land in the Yazoo Land Fraud? Where is this land now? Land Speculators claimed ownership of the land, the Yazoo land is mostly in what is now Alabama and Mississippi.
How much was the cost of the Yazoo Land Fraud? Low.
What effect did the Yazoo Land Fraud have on the people? The people were furious over the Yazoo Land Fraud, they took the articles and burned it on the steps of the capital.
Who got the land in the Land Lottery? Every free white male who had lived in Georgia.
How much land was distributed in the Land Lottery? Equal amounts of land.
Who invented the Cotton Gin? When was the Cotton Gin invented? What affect did it have on slavery? Why did it affect Georgia this way? Eli Whitney invented the Cotton Gin in 1793, a machine that allowed the seed to be removed from a piece of cotton. Cotton became to be in higher demand, increasing the need for bigger & more plantations, which led to an increase in slave population.
What is the reasoning behind Railroads in Georgia? With larger cotton demand, farmers demanded better ways of transportation faster than a wagon, or even a steamboat. So Georgia became more familiarized with railroads, Atlanta being very popular with them, earned the name "Gate City".
Created by: Jackson_Boyd
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