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Lesson 3-Settlements

Spanish, English, French, and Dutch Colonies

What are rulers such as Kings or Queens of a nation known as? A Monarch
What are the three “G’s” that the nation of Spain was looking for in the New World? God-Catholic religion, Gold-Money, & Glory-Land for Spain
What was a gift of land by the king of Spain which gave that person control over that land and the people on it know as? Encomiendas
What is a social group? Class structure
What is a person sent to a new land to spread his or her religion known as? A Missionary
What were First-Spaniards born from Spain known as? Peninsulares
What Second-Spaniards born in “New Spain” known as? Creoles
Third-(Creoles) married with Native Americans were called what? Mestizos
What are Fourth-Native Americans married with other Native Americans known as? Slaves
Who did the Spanish fought against in order to build the St. Augustine Fort? The French
In what year was a Spanish fort built by Spain after they defeated the French soldiers in Florida? 1565
What religion was spread by the Spanish missionaries from Spain to the New World? The Catholic religion
By the 1700s, the Spanish colonists finally made "peace" with who in the New World to develop trade agreements? The Native Americans
What was the major problem that was brought by the Spanish colonists to the native people? Diseases, especially Small Poxes
What is known as a long period of time without rain or wet weather in an area called? Drought
What is a person who risks money in a business, hoping to earn profit from other businesses such as trade, gold, or cash crops sales? Investors
What is the 1st legislative body in the American colonies called the developed their own form of governing themselves with England's government help? House of Burgesses
Who was the 1st English Monarch that tried to setup a colony in current North Carolina, but it was a complete failure the first try in the Island of Roanoke? Queen Elizabeth I
How many settlers were first sent to Roanoke Island by Sir Walter Raleigh as their leader? 117 settlers
What cause problems in the 1st settlement at Roanoke Island for the settlers that also effected the Native Americans in that area also? A drought
How many more settlers were sent to Roanoke Island that Native Americans did not like and it cause a war between the colonists and the natives? 150 settlers
Who was the leader were 150 more settlers were sent that he later when back to England to get help from English soldiers and more settlers, but was too late returning? John White
What was the failed colony called by the English, which lost all colonists that were in Roanoke Island? The Lost Colony
10 years later, the English attempted again to setup a colony in North America, who was the leader at that time? King James I
What successful colony was developed by the English in Virginia? Jamestown
Who was the leader of the Jamestown colony that helped this colony survive even if it was a major struggle to create? John Smith
Who rescued John Smith from the Powhatan tribe execution in North America? Pocahontas
Who later married Pocahontas to ensure peace between the English colonists and the Powhatan natives? John Rolfe
What cash crop did John Rolfe brought to Virginia that was a major cash crop for the English colonists? Tobacco
What colonists group left England for religious reasons to start their own church religion and their own form of self-government? The Pilgrims
Many Pilgrims died in the first winter in North America, what tribe helped them and later helped developed the 1st "Thanksgiving" in North America? The Wampanoag Tribe
What Wampanoag member knew their language and helped the Pilgrims to learn how plant crops, fish, and hunt to survive their 2nd winter? Squanto
What other group that came from England, in 1630, also for religious reasons, but was not that tolerate with the Native Americas and later started a war with them? The Puritans
What college, which later became a famous university, developed now church leaders for their towns and schools in the Massachusetts Bay Colony? Harvard College
By the 1530s, what 1st French explorer tried to find the mythical"Northwest Passage" from N. A. to Asia, but failed? Jacques Carter
In 1608, another French explorer went to Canada and formed a trading post there and created peace with the Native Americans there, who was he? Samuel de Champlain
What town was created by Champlain's trading post and village? Quebec
By the 1600s, what group, hired an English explorer to find the Northwest Passage and later developed 4 trading post N.A.? The Netherlands (Dutch)
What English explore was hired by the Dutch and later by the English to find the mythical "Northwest Passage"? Henry Hudson
In 1626, what French bought the Island of Manhattan to develop a trading center with the natives? Peter Minuet
Created by: vacosta
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