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ACS Ancient Israel

ACS Ancient Israel 6th grade

Before the Israelites could live in the land of Canaan, they had to _____it. conquer
Moses' successor, ____, led the Israelites to ___God and conquer_____. Joshua, obey, Canaan
God helped the Israelites by parting the ____ River. Jordan
He also caused the walls of____ to fall. Jericho
Under Joshua's ____, the people of ____ were able to conquer the land. leadership, Israel
The Israelites did not show the nations the ____of God by living ____to His laws. greatness, according
For more than three hundred years, there was a pattern of disobedience and _____followed by God raising up a ____to lead Israel in ______and deliverance. punishment, judge, repentance
The Israelites became more and more like the wicked ___around them. nations
They began to worship the same ______ ______and to commit the same____. false gods, sins
God _____them by sending other nations to ____ over parts of Israel. punished, rule
When the Israelites cried out for _____, God sent ______. help, deliverers
Each time, the Israelites went back to doing ______and suffered_____from their enemies. evil,defeat
God made a covenant with David called the _____ ______. Davidic covenant
God promised that David would have a _______name. great
David's dynasty would last____, and God would be a ______to the Davidic kings. forever, father
If David's ______________ disobeyed God, they would be _________. descendants, punished
Created by: queenjarrard
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