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Native Tribes

What is archaeology? Interpretation of material evidence of ancient settlements.
What do archaeologists do? Study human behavior and cultures of the past through artifacts
Where is Cactus Hill located? In Southeastern Virginia, on the Nottoway River
Why is Cactus Hill important? Has evidence that humans lived there 18,000 years ago
Where is one of the oldest archaeological sites in North America? Cactus Hill
Before the arrival of Europeans, where were Native Americans located? Dispersed across the different environments of North America
Where do the Inuit live? Present-day Alaska and northern Canada (Arctic region)
What is the environment like for the Inuit people? Below freezing for much of the year, snowy
Where do the Kwakiutl live? Pacific Northwest coast
What is the environment like for the Kwakiutl people? Rainy and mild, with lots of trees
Where do the Lakota live? Interior of the United States, the Great Plains region
What is the environment like for the Lakota people? Dry, grasslands
Where do the Pueblo people live? Southwestern United States, present-day Arizona and New Mexico
What is the environment like for the Pueblo people? Hot, desert areas that border cliffs and mountains
Where do the Iroquois people live? Northeastern United States, called the Eastern Woodlands
What is the environment like for the Iroquois people? Heavily forested
What is the definition of Natural Resource? Things that come directly from nature
What is the definition of Human Resource? People working to produce goods and services
What is the definition of Capital Resource? Goods produced and used to make other goods and services
What are examples of natural resouces? Fish caught, wild animals hunted, and crops grown
What are examples of human resources? The PEOPLE who fished, made clothing, and hunted animals
What are examples of capital resources? The canoes, bows, and spears used by native people
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