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SS Ch2 S3 - 6P

for Adam

Who are the Plains people? People living on the interior plains, between the Mississippi and the Rocky Mountains.
What is the buffalo? The American bison
Describe a buffalo hunt Sneak up on buffalo wearing buffalo skills; a group signal is given and the hunters yell to scare the buffalo; hunters scare the buffalo toward a cliff and they run them off
Why did they hunt on foot and not on horse? Horses weren't in North America until the 1500s, when the Spanish brought them.
What was the main source of food for Natives on the plains? Buffalo; they ate it cooked or raw; mixed with fat and berries to make pemmican (dried meat that could be stored)
How was the buffalo stomach used? water jugs
How was the skin of the buffalo used? clothing, shelter, shields, drums, moccasins
How was the buffalo hair used? twisted into cords
How was the buffalo horns used? tools, cups, spoons
How was the buffalo hooves used? glue
How was the buffalo bones used? tools, pipes, arrowheads
What are buffalo chips? Buffalo poop - dried and used for fuel for campfires; it burned slowly and was good for cooking and warmth
How much does the American bison weigh? about 2,000 pounds
Where do you find American bison today? national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, fenced in on privately owned land
Who are the people in the Central Plains? the Iowa, the Missouri and small parts of the Souix (Nakota)
Central Plains - what did they hunt? deer, elk, buffalo
Describe the lodges of the Central Plains people. large, round earth homes; each lodge was home to several families; built over a small pit; fireplace in center with hole in roof to allow smoke to exit
Who are the Nomadic Society? Cheyenne, Kiowa, Craw; they lived in the western Great Plains
What kind of shelters did the Nomadic Society have? Shelters that were easy to move. Tepees - cone shaped tent; wooden poles set in a circle and tied at the top; covered with buffalo skin with hole at the top to let smoke out
What was a travois? A carrier - 2 wooden poles tied together at one end and harnessed to a dog; used to carry goods on buffalo skin
Created by: annsinon



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