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Headright System FIRST system of allocating land in GA. 200 acres of land for head of family plus 50 additional acres for each family member
SALMA capital cities of GA- Savannah, Augusta, Louisville, Milledgeville, Atlanta
Why did the capital change 5 times in GA? As the population moved west, the capital followed the growing population.
What was burned by new politicians in Louisville? Yazoo Land Documents
What was the result of the Yazoo Land Fraud? Georgia lost western land ; created new boundary
How did land companies receive the Yazoo Land? provided bribes to politicians
Land Lottery gave more of an equal chance for land distribution as well as gave some people additional opportunities for land- widows, families, veterans
Cotton Gin invention that helped cotton to dominate the economy
What impact did the railroads have on GA? they allowed for goods and people to move west more quickly
What is the significance of UGA? It was the state's first university, it is public, and it was built on land received from a land grant
How did the railroad impact business in ATL? with more people came the need for restaurants, hotels, etc
What was the result of Worcester V GA Judge Marshall stated that the Cherokee nation was subject to its own laws, not those of GA.
Who was Andrew Jackson? He was president of the US who disagreed with Judge Marshall. He believed in the removal of natives in GA
Why was the discovery of gold important? More settlers moved to the gold and forced natives off of their land
Define assimilation as it related to the natives living in GA. adopting the ways of life of the white settlers
Who was John Ross? Cherokee chief who argued the Cherokee case before the Supreme Court
Who was William McIntosh? Creek chief who signed the Treaty of Indian Springs
What was the Trail of Tears? removal of Cherokees from GA via several routes on land and water
Which native group tried to assimilate ? Creeks
Created by: debrathomas
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