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Recapping Civil War

Big Picture Effects of Reconstruction

The Great Migration Hundreds of Thousands of freedmen leave the rural south and move to cities in the North AND South → huge urbanization movement
Economic Depression The South goes into economic recession after the war and eventually so does the North, a long recession lasting most of the 1870s and 1880s
Emergence of KKK and Domestic Terrorism To fight back against the Union army, federal government, the freedman’s’ bureau, and freed former slaves, many whites turned to violence and extremism with organizations like the KKK and other domestic terrorist groups
Development of Jim Crow + Segregation Segregation is the legal separation of people, meant as a way to limit the effect of Reconstruction, also creates and maintains a system of white supremacy in the south → meant to control every aspect of life for black Americans
Impeachment of President Johnson Radical Republicans in Congress try to oust Johnson because he stood in their way for meaningful reconstruction reform
Constitutional Changes 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments New definition of citizenship = birthright Equality for all before the law
Changes to Franchise Black men get the right the vote legally, but because limited and constricted over time in the south. Women still have no right to vote, but the 15th amendment gives them hope
Describe: Compromise of 1877 (“The Great Betrayal”) In the 1876 Presidential election, the Republicans of the North made a deal with Democrats of the South to put Rutherford B. Hayes (a northern Republican) in the White House as President in exchange for pulling the union troops out of the south and ending
Created by: ramosruth2011