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Recapping Civil War

Comparing the Two Sides

Comparing the Two SidesThe UnionThe Confederacy
Uniform Color Blue Grey
Major Generals George McClellan William Tecumseh Sherman Ulysses Grant Robert E. Lee Nathan Bedford Forrest Stonewall Jackson
Major Advantages Bigger population = more soldiers Manufacturing ability Control of railroads Navy Homefield advantage Capable soldiers Better generals
Major Disadvantages Foreign turf No navy No manufacturing to keep making new equipment Smaller population Smaller army
Major Strategies Employed Anaconda plan → squeeze them into submission Total War → Sherman’s March to the Sea Cut them in half → Mississippi River 1. Defend everyone uniformly 2. Defend only the cities 3. Hold out and pray for a stalemate
Major Victories Appomattox Courthouse Gettysburg Vicksburg Antietam (draw?) Chancellorsville Chattanooga Bull Run
President/Leader Abraham Lincoln Jefferson Davis
Created by: ramosruth2011