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SS. test (10/29/19)

modified test

What does precipitation mean? What falls to the ground? rain snow sleet hail
Which term means the pattern of weather over a long period of time? climate
What can set one region apart from another region? A region: an area of land that has common features Language Government religion forests wildlife Climate
coal, iron, natural gas are examples of: (natural) resources
livestock raising, forestry, and trade are examples of land use
What is an example of population density? France has a population density of about 109.8 persons per square kilometre.
Wisconsin is in the _________________ region of the USA. Midwest
California is in the _________________ region of the USA. West
What factors influence or affect population density? Climate Soil Mineral resources Industries
A map that shows mountains, rivers, forests, and lakes. The water is usually shown in blue. Colors are used to show differences in land elevations. Physical Map
A map that shows the state and national boundaries. Also, the capital and major cities. A capital city is usually marked with a star within a circle. Political map
A map where colors show different climate or precipitation zones. Climate Map
A map that shows contour lines to show the shape and elevation of an area. Lines that are close together indicate steep terrain, and lines that are far apart indicate flat terrain. Terrain= lay of the land Topographic Map
What type of map? a map of Florida has oranges on it telling you that oranges are grown there. Economic or Resource Map
A map that shows highways, airports, railroad tracks, and cities. People use these to plan trips and for driving directions. Road Map
Created by: jdinapoli