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Battle of Trenton The battle of Trenton was an important patriot victory American Soldiers took more then 900 prisoners.
DeBorah Sampson Dressed as a man and fought in several battles.
Friedrich Von SteuBen An experienced military officer form prussia, led with a combination of respect and fear.
George Rogers Clark Volunteered to lead the western campaign. Clark had been a surveyor along the Ohio and Kentucky rivers .
George Washington Congress named a Virginian man George Washington.
John Paul Jones Considered a outlaw born in scotland and began working on ships at a young age.
Marquis De Lafayette Inspired by the ideas of the revolutionary war Lafayette bought his own ship and arrived in America in 1777.
Mercenaries Foreign soldiers who fought not out of loyalty but for pay.
Molly pitcher Brought water to the troops. When her husband was wounded in a 1778 battle she took his place loading cannons.
Nathan hale Went behind enemy lines to get secret information.
Patriots Colonists who chose to fight for independence from great britain
Thomas Paine Publisher of the common sense a 47-page pamphlet that was distributed in philadelphia in january 1776.
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