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Social Studies

prepare 1st nine weeks test

Oligarchy a small group of people that holds power Ex. South Africa between 1948-1994
Theocracy Government based on rebellious law Ex. Arabia
Anarchy no one is in control
Monarchy ruled by a king or queen with unlimited power
Constitutional Monarchy a king or queen that has limited power
Dictatorship a ruler that holds total power
Fascism has a dictator and controls political, economic and others
What is culture people's beliefs and customs
What is Diwali Festival of lights/ Hindu
Market economy individuals determined for themselves what to produce who will want it and how much to charge. People chose freely
Free enterprise no country has a completely pure market economy Ex. the united states
Communism government controls and owns the economic systems
Mixed economy most nations have a mixed economy
Command economy government makes all decisions Ex north Korea
Traditional economy people meet their needs based on their customs
Capitalism individual or groups own the resources and produce goods for profit
Socialism government owns and operates most businesses
Islam book (Quran) Cresent moon & star Mosque
Christianity Church, Bible, cross
Judaism Book (Torah) Star of david Synagouge
Hindu temple the Vedas
Prime Meridian 0 degrees longitude
The Equator 0 degrees latitude
Lines of Latitude (other name) Parallels
Lines of Longitude (other name) Meridian
Tundra a cold treeless area
Archipelago a group or chain of island
desert a dry area
Peninsula land that is surrounded by water on three sides
Volcano a opening in earth's crust
Plateau a flat piece of land that is higher of the surrounding land
Atoll a ring of coral that forms an island
Delta a low watery land formed at the mouth of a river
fjord a long narrow sea inlet that is bordered by a steep clifs
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