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reading quiz 10/17

Bill of Rights the first ten amendments to the constitution passed by congress in 1789 and ratified by the states in 1791
who proposes that a bill of rights be added to the constitution James Madison
Why did James Madison propose the bill of rights? because key states would not have ratified the constitution
what does the 1st amendment to the constitution state? Congress cant make law respecing an establishment of religion/prohibiting the free excerise thereof/abridging the freedom of speech/the press/the right of the people peaceably to assemble/to petition the government for a redress of grievances
who was the 1st secretary of the treasury? Alexander Hamilton
list three things that Alexander Hamilton did on his 1st day as the secretary of the treasury. 1. negotiated a $50,000 loan from the bank of new york 2. set about creating a customs service to collect 5% import tax 3. organized the US Coast Guard
What 2 things did Hamilton state were absolutely necessary during the financial crisis? 1. needed to assume all of the revolutionary war debt and promise to pay it all off 2. establish tax policy that would show wary observers that the government would meet obligations
where was the 1st capital of the united states established? Philadelphia
how were the united sates first 2 political parties created the split on economic policy lead to the creation of two hostile political parties
Which group of people supported which political party? bankers and merchants supported Hamilton southern plantation owners supported Republican
bank of the united states first federal bank chartered in 1781 issued currency for the country and stabilized the economy
treaty if greenville treaty agreed to in 1795 in which native Americans in the northwest territory were forced to cede most of present states of ohio, indiana, illinois, michigan, and wisconsion to the United states
Whiskey Rebellion Armed uprising in 1794 by farmers in western Pennsylvania who attempted to prevent the collection of the excise tax on whiskey
events of whiskey rebellion began with modern protests the pennsylvania, north carolina, maryland, vrginia, and georgia legislature passed resolutions opposing tax Tax collectors threatened, beaten, and shot at. protests escalated mass meeting in pittsburg 1793/4 no tax coll.
what was the proclamation of neutrality of 1792 washington was determined to remain neural and not go into french revolution war
events ofcitizen Genet affair the efforts of edmond-charles Genet french ambassador to the united states to stir up military support for france and the french revolution among Americans leading to long-term anti-french sentiment lasting harm, inspired hostility towards France
why did many Americans support the french revolution because they helped us during the american revolution
what was the purpose of democratic-republican societies to form protests against hamilton economic policies and support jefferson in elections
jays treaty treaty with Britain, negotiated in 1794 in which the united states made major concessions to avert a war over the British seizure of American ships
pickneys treaty treaty with spain that set the border between the united sgtates and spanish florida
what was the electoral college and how did it work in the late 1700s each state would have the number of presidential electore equal to representatives in tge lat 1700s it didnt go well
XYZ affair diplomatic incident in 1789 in which americans were outraged by the demand of the french for a bribe as a condition for negotiation with american diplomats
quasi war an undeclared war between the united states and france
alien and sedition acts series of 3 acts passed by congress in 1789 that made i harder for new immigrants to vote and made it a crime to criticize the president or congress
kentucky and virginia resolutions resolutions written by thomas jefferson and james marison that criticize the alien and sedition acts and asserted the rights of states to declare federal law null and void within a state
Created by: rees417