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Revolution Battles$%

American Revolution Battles

Battle of Quebec Benedict Arnold lead his troops to Quebec and attacked during a fierce blizzard on New Year's Eve. The Patriots were quickly defeated.
Battle of New York George Washington moved his troops to New York expecting the British to attack. In June of 1776 a fleet of British soldiers arrived led by General Howe. They forced the Patriots off Long Island and eventually forced them to New Jersey.
Nathan Hale Went behind British lines to get secret information. Seized by the British, he was ordered to be hanged.
Mercenaries Foreign soldiers who fought not out of loyalty, but for pay.
Hessians German soldiers who fought for the British
Battle of Trenton Low on supplies and soldiers George Washington lead his troops to a last attempt. The Patriots rowed across the Delaware river. When morning broke the Patriots marched through the snow to reach the camp. The Patriots took more than 900 soldiers prisoner.
Battle of Saratoga The Patriots had cut down trees and dammed rivers to create obstacles for the British. As they neared Albany the British were surrounded and they were forced to surrender. This battle was a turning point, it was the greatest win yet for the Patriots.
Marquis de Lafayette A rich Frenchman who bought his own ship and brought the ship full of soldiers and volunteered his services in the Continental Army.
Baron Friedrich von Stuben An experienced military officer from Purrsia. He turned the Continental Army into a finely tuned fighting force .
Bernardo de Galvez The governor of Spanish Louisiana, gathered a small army and seized British posts all the way to Pensacola, Florida.
John Paul Jones An outlaw from Scotland who volunteered his services to the newly created navy and became a leader of a fleet of seven ships when France entered the war.
George Rodgers Clark Volunteered to lead the western campaign. Captured Fort Sackville.
Deborah Sampson She dressed as a man and fought in several battles
Mary Ludwig Hays Also known as Molly Pitcher because she brought water to the troops and when her husband was injured she took his place loading the cannons.
George Washington A Virginian who was made general of the Continental Army at the Second Continental Congress.
Patriots Colonists who chose to fight against British for independence.
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