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Word Topic 7

Stationery Unlined paper used for formal and informal correspondence
Correspondence Communication in a written form via written letter, note, card or electronic mail.
Letterhead A type of stationery used by Businesses or Organizations. A logo and contact information are included on letterhead.
Letter Written Correspondence.
Note An informal and shortened form of letter
Watermark A transparent logo often used on business letterhead.
RSVP répondez s'il vous plaît A French acronym that translates to say: Respond, please. When added to an invitation it means that the host would like each person invited to reply back to say if they will or will not be attending the event.
Condolence An expression of sympathy with a person who has experienced pain, grief, or misfortune. Ex- after a sickness, death, loss of job
Congratulate To express joy or acknowledgment, as for the achievement or good fortune of someone. Ex- after announcement of birth, wedding, graduation, retirement.
Salutation the word or phrase of greeting (as Gentlemen or Dear Sir or Madam) that conventionally comes immediately before the body of a letter
Closing The word or phrase of farewell (as Sincerely or Yours truly) that conventionally comes immediately before a writers signature.
CC An acronym for Carbon Copy that is followed by a person’s name. This means that a copy of the letter has also been sent to the person(s) listed. (also sometimes called a Courtesy Copy)
BCC An acronym for Blind Carbon Copy that is followed by a person’s e-mail address. This means that a copy of the letter or e-mail has been sent to the person(s) listed but the original recipient of the e-mail does not know that it has been sent.
PS An acronym for Post Script. This is used in an informal letter when additional information needs to be added to a letter after it has already been written.
Enclosure A list of additional documents to be included in an envelope with a Business Letter.
E-Mail An abbreviation meaning Electronic Mail. An informal form of written correspondence that is also often used in business settings.
Business Letter- Formal communication from the owner or a representative of a business to an individual, another business or an institution.
Personal Business Letter Formal communication from an individual to a business, institution, government or another person.
Personal (Friendly) Letter Letter- Communication from one individual to another (usually family, friend or acquaintance). Personal letters are less formal than business letters, but not informal.
Complaint Letter Letter sent to inform a person or business of a problem that an individual had or is having with the company, an employee, or service provided.
Apology Letter Letter sent to a person or business from an individual or business to offer an apology for some act of offense (intended or unintended).
Thank You Letter Letter sent to a person or business from an individual or business to offer thanks for some act of kindness.
Resignation Letter Letter sent to a business from an individual or business to inform them that their employment will no longer be effective.
Letter of Recommendation Letter sent to a business or institution recommending a person as a good candidate for employment or other position.
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