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13 British Colonies

krupp test

What colony is Virginia? southern colony
What colony is Plymouth Rock Massachusetts and Massachusetts Bay? New England Colony's
What colony is Delaware? middle atlantic colony
What Colony is New Jersey? middle atlantic colony
What colony is South and North Carolina? southern colony's
What colony is Rhode Island? New England colony
What colony is Pennsylvania? middle atlantic colony
What Colony is Maryland? southern colony
. What Colony is New York? middle atlantic colony
What colony is Georgia? southern colony
What colony is Connecticut? new england colony
What colony is New Hampshire? new england colony
Founder of Virginia? John smith and The london company
Founder of New Hampshire? John Mason, John Wheelright and Fernando Gorges
Founder of Plymouth Rock Massachusetts? William Bradford, John Carver, and Sepratist pilgrims
Founder of Massachusetts Bay? John Withrop and other Puritans called the New england companies
Founder of Delaware? Peter Minuit (i.e The Sweden Company)
Founder of North Carolina? Eight British Nobles
Founder of New York? Duke of York, Peter Minuit ( i.e Dutch Settlers)
Founder of South Carolina? King Charles the Second
Founder of Rhode Island? Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson
Founder of Maryland? George Calvert
Founder of Georgia? James Oglethorpe
Founder of Pennsylvania? Quaker William Penn
Founder of New Jersey? Sir George and Lord Berkely
Founder of Connecticut? Thomas Hooker and John Haynes
Where did Virginia get its name? Queen Elizabeth I ( i.e Virgin Queen)
Where did Plymouth Rock Massachusetts get its name? after the first town after their port of departure ( i.e The River Plym which opens up into a Bay or a mouth)
Where did Massachusetts Bay get its name? after the indigenous people ( i.e means large hill place or the great hill)
Where did Maryland get its name? to honor King Charles Wife Queen Henrietta
How did New York get its name? New Amsterdam was the original name but was then changed to New York in honor of the Duke of York who organized the mission of capturing New Amseterdam
How was Rhode Island named? origanally named by a man named Adrian Block who was a Dutch Explorer. He named the colony "Roodt Island" meaning "red island". It referred to the red clay that lined the shore. The name was later changed t
How did Connecticut get its name? -Connecticut got its naWhat are Connecticut's major industries?me from the Connecticut River which used to be named Quinnehtukqut.
How did New Hampshire get its name? from caotain John Masson after Hampshire, England
How did North Carolina get its name? in honor of his father Charles the first, carolina comes from Carolus, the latin form of Charles.
How did New Jersey get its name? in honor of Phillip Carteret who was the Govener of Jersey, a British Island in the English Channel, named after the British Island of Jersey
How did Georgia get its name? in honor of King George II of England
What are Virginia's major industries? Plantation Agriculture ( i.e tobacoo, wheat, corn)
What were Plymouth Rock Massachusetts major industries? Agriculture (corn, fishing, livestock,whaling) Manufacturing (lumbering and shipbuilding)
What were Massachusetts Bay major industries? Agriculture (fishing, corn, livestock), Manufacturing (i.e shipbuilding and lumbering)
What were Maryland's major industries? Entirely Plantation agriculture (hired african american slaves to do all the work)
What were New York's major industries? trade, manufacturing (ship building and ironworks)
What are Rhode Island's major industries? Farming and Fishing communities, agriculture (i.e grew many crops (corn, wheat) , manufacturing (lumbering)
What are Connecticut's major industries? Farming and Fishing communities, grew most of their food (wheat, corn) and shipped it to England.
What are New Hampshire's major industries? Large fishing and Farming community, would ship their crops to England (corn, wheat,potato)
What are Delaware's major industries? Agriculture (wheat, grains), Industrial (factories produced iron, paper, and textiles) traded with England as well.
What are North/South Carolina's major industries? Plantation Agriculture (indigo, rice, tobacco, sugar, cotton) (i.e African Slaves working on the Plantations)
What are New jersey's Major industries? manufacturing (ironworking and lumbering), Agriculture (cattle)
What are Pennsylvania's major industries? Agriculture (wheat) Also had factories that produced paper and textiles. Trade with England
What are Georgia's major industries? Agriculture (i.e indigo, rice, tobacco, sugar cane)
What are the major cities for Virginia? Jamestown, Williamsburg, Richmond
What were Massachusetts Bays major cities? Salem, Boston, Quincy, lexington, Concord, and Plymouth
What were Maryland major cities? Baltimore and Annapolis
What were New York's major cities? new York city and Albany
What were Rhode Island's major cities? providence, newport, Pawtucket, Warwick, Cranston
What were Connecticut's major cities? Hartford, New Haven, Windsor, Wethersfeild
What were New Hampshire's major cities? Concord, Exeter, Dover
What is Delaware’s major cities? Wilmington
What were North Carolina’s major cities? Raleigh
What were South Carolina’s major cities? Charleston
What were New Jersey's major cities? Trenton and Princeton
What were Pennsylvania’s major cities? Philadelphia, Lancaster, and York
What were Georgia’s major cities? Philadelphia, Lancaster, and York
Virginas reasons for founding? . To find gold (i.e to sell and make money)
Plymouth Rocks reasons for founding? Religious Freedom (i.e freedom from the New England Church and religion)
Massachusetts Bay reasons for Founding? Religious Freedom (i.e people who sought to purify and reform the Anglican church)
Maryland reasons for founding? Religious Freedom (i.e freedom for Catholics)
New York's reason for founding? Trade (i.e trade posts = and animal furs) (i.e opportunities for profit)
Rhode Island's reasons for founding? Religious Freedom
Connecticut reasons for farming? Religious Freedom and Political Freedom
New Hampshire’s reason for trading? Farming (i.e profit for trade and fishing)
Delaware reason for trading? Trade (i.e fur, coal, iron)
North /South Carolina reason for trading? Trade and Profit
New Jerseys reason for trading? Trade and Profit (i.e profit from trade and selling land)
Pennsylvania’s reason for trading? Religious Freedom (i.e for the quakers)
Georgia’s reason for trading? Relief and Protection (i.e relief for the poor english people, protection against spanish Florida)
Created by: allyhamilton
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