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Age of Exploration

Where did the Vikings originate? Norway, Sweden and Denmark
What does the word Viking mean? Pirate
What Viking was credited as the first European to set down upon North America? Leif Erikson
What type of ship did the Vikings utilize? Longship
Why did the European wish to explore the world? Gold, Glory and God
How did Prince Henry encourage international exploration? School of Navigation
Which explorer created the trade route around Africa to India? Da Gama
What explorer is credited with discovering the New World? Christopher Columbus
What country financed Christopher Columbus' journey? Spain
What was Christopher Columbus looking for on his expedition? All water route to the Asia from the west
What three ships were on the original Columbus expedition? Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria
Where did those three ships first land? San Salvador
When did those three ships land in the Americas? October 12, 1492
How did Spain and Portugal solve their issue over the New World? The Pope issued the Line of Demarcation
How was the Line of Demarcation adjusted? Treaty of Tordesillas moved Line of Demarcation over 800 miles
For whom was the New World named? Amerigo Vespucci
Whom did Hernan Cortes defeat? Aztecs
Whom did Francisco Pizzaro defeat? Incas
What extensive road system linked New Spain? El Camino
What were the three types of settlements in New Spain? Pueblo, Mission, Presidio
How did the Spanish treat Native Americans? Like slaves or second class citizens
What was the encomienda system? System to tax the Native Americans
Who was credited with being the first to circumnavigate the world? Magellan
What Spanish explorer searched Florida for the Fountain of Youth? Ponce de Leon
How did the French treatment of Native Americans differ from that of the English and Spanish? French treated the Natives as equals, learned their languages and customs and married their women. The Spanish enslaved the Native Americans.
Which French explorer claimed the land around the St. Lawrence River? Jacques Cartier
What was the basis of the New France economy? Fur trapping and Trading
Where was the only Dutch settlement in the New World? New York area near Hudson Bay
Who claimed that land for the Dutch? Henry Hudson
Why did the Dutch reject development in the New World? Not profitable
Why did the European powers have to leave the Americas for a new source of cheap labor? Native Americans killed by European diseases
From where were African slaves first brought to America? West Africa
When did the Spanish government legalize the slave trade? 1510
What was the slave ship voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to Americas known as? Middle Passage
What was the death rate of the slaves on these ships? 1 in 6 died
How did slave culture develop in the New World? Blend of various African cultures highlighting family, religion and art/dance
Which explorer has a bay and river named after him as a result of his search for the Northwest passage? Henry Hudson
Also on the search for the Northwest passage, this explorer claimed Canada for England? John Cabot
Who was credited with naming the Pacific Ocean? Ferdinand Magellan
What was the slave ship voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas known as? Middle Passage
What were conditions like on the slave ships? Crowded, unsanitary, inadequate nutrition, often violent
The trade route designed to trade molasses, rum, and slaves is referred to as what? Triangular Trade
What American region was involved in Triangular Trade? Northeast
Created by: Ms.Furman
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