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Aly-His-Ch. 3-4

Ch.3-The First Americans/Ch.4-The English Come to America

What captain made the rule "All men will work or they receive no food." Captain John Smith
Who was the first English child born in America? Virginia Dare
What person was the wise governor of Plymouth Colony for 36 years? William Bradford
Queen Elizabeth I was.... the powerful queen of England.
Who was the leader of Jamestown colony? John Smith
What crop was the main money crop of Jamestown? Tobacco
Who was the Pilgrim's minister? Elder Brewster
If you were called a separatists that meant... you wanted to separate from the Church of England.
Which Indian Chief made a treaty with the Pilgrims? Massasoit
Who was the friendly Indian that helped the pilgrims with their farming? Squanto
What is the name of the book that told the history of the Plymouth settlement? Of Plymouth Plantation
Jamestown was started by a group of merchants called the ... Plymouth settlement
___________ was located in the part of the New World called Massachusetts. Plymouth
Jamestown was England's first... permanent colony in the new world.
Both Roanoke and Jamestown were located in the part of the New World called _______. Virginia
What ship brought the Pilgrims to the New World? Mayflower
What was the name of the lost colony that completely dissapeared in New World? Roanoke
What was the first written agreement for self-government in the New World? Mayflower Compact
Who came to America to Preach and was one of the most famous English preachers of his day? John Wesley
Who spent his short life preaching to the Indians despite his illness? David Brainerd
Who was the first to call Native Americans "Indians?" Christopher Columbus
Who developed the syllabary? Sequoya
Who was declared the greatest athlete of the 1950's Jim Thorpe
Who bought land from the Indians instead of just taking it? Roger Williams
Who translated the bible into the Massachusetts Indian's language? John Elliot
Where is the Atlantic Ocean on a Map
Where is the Gulf of Mexico
Where is the Ohio River?
Where is the Jamestown colony?
Where is the Plymouth colony?
Where is Mexico?
Where are the Rocky Mountains?
Where is Canada or New France?
Created by: alybear28