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Ellis Island

tenement an apartment building that is usually run-down and overcrowded
slum a neighborhood with overcrowded and dangerous housing
Ellis Island the first stop in the US for most immigrants coming from Europe in the early 20th century
melting pot a place where cultures blend
assimilation the process of blending into society
Statue of Liberty a statue standing for freedom
kissing post a place where families reunite with their family after inspection
money exchange a place where you can exchange your money for US money
detainee a person held in custody, especially for political reasons
steerage part of a ship providing accommodations for passengers with the cheapest tickets, the poor immigrants
steamship a ship that is propelled by a steam engine
push factor conditions that push people away to a new country and make them want to leave
pull factor conditions that pull people to a new country, where the other country has things that attract them to go there.
immigration the process of moving to a new country
manifest a list of passengers on-board a ship
economic hardship difficulties caused by having too little money, in their home country
deported being sent back to your home country
public charge someone who is dependent on the government for survival
Created by: slohrenz