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The Revolution Begin

Social Studies Test 1 The Revolution Begins

It was the final insult to the colonists The Intolerable Act(s)
1774, they gathered to decide what action to take against the British The First Continental
City where the 1st Continental Congress met Philadelphia, PA
He believed violence was unavoidable with England Patrick Henry
King of England at the time of American Revolution King George III
Colonist who chose to fight for their independence Patriot
State where Boston is located in Massachusetts
Town where colonist stored weapons Concord
Silversmith, member of the Sons of Liberty Paul Revere
Building used to inform Paul Revere how the British would arrive Old North Church
Device used to tell riders how British would arrive Latern
One lantern meant the British would arrive by Land
Two lanterns meant British would arrive by Sea
Helped Paul Revere make his famous ride William Dawes
Completed ride to Concord for Paul Revere after he was arrested Samuel Prescott
Militia of Boston, ready to fight in a minute Minute Men
Date of a famous ride to warn the colonists that the British are coming April 19, 1775
Wrote a poem that honors the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere Longfellow
First battle of the American revolution Lexington
Completed the ride to Concord to warn the colonies Prescott
Nickname for the battle of Lexington and Concord Shot heard around the world
Nickname for the British soldiers Red Coats/Lobster Backs
Second Continental Congress
Olive Branch Petition
George Washington; he had experience in war
Continental Army
Bunker Hill
Breed's Hill
William Prescott
Henry Knox
General Howe
Fort Knox, KY
Boston Tea Party
Indians; to disguise themselves
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