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Standard US 1st exam

review for 1st 9 week exam US History

Balance of Slave and Free states agreement ... Maine free & Missouri slave state ... allowed Fugitive Slave Law Missouri Compromise
War fought where US acquires Cuba, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Guam Spanish / American War
The limiting of African American rights... poll tax, literacy test, segregation Jim Crow Laws
Belief government should have control of businesses to regulate distribution of wealth creating a massive middle class Socialism
Leader of Socialist movement...wrote Communist Manifesto Karl Marx
The update of Monroe Doctrine promoting more US power in foreign affairs Roosevelt Corollary
He built the Florida Railroads...creating a population and trade boom for Florida Henry Flagler
With the development of oil companies, he created a monopoly called Standard Oil making him a multi-millionaire John D. Rockefeller
This caused prices to fall tremendously because of the amounts & speed of products created for the consumers Mass Production
Freed slaves that stayed in the South...gaining some land on the Plantations but split the profits with the land owner... Sharecropping
2 challenges of American farmers Price fixing , lack of labor, competition, weather
Farmers formed this type of union to help the farmers with profits Farmers Alliance
People leaving the South (farms) to try to find a better life in the North (Industry) Shift from agrarian to industry population
2 reasons for US Imperialism natural resources, expansion of land, military bases
Lincoln republicans wanted 10% of people in southern states to pledge a loyalty to Radical Republicans wanted ________ % 50
Amendment that ended slavery 13th Amendment
Amendment that allowed African Americans to become citizens 14th Amendment
Amendment that allowed African Americans to vote 15th Amendment
The over population of immigrants & people of the south that moved to the cities for jobs caused ....? Urbanization
People that would use their money to bribe or help politicians win political office in return for favours Political Machine
This establishment helped poor people and immigrants adapt to US culture by teaching and helping people get a fresh start on life Settlement Houses
Created by: BrianODonnell
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