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Jude 8th - Chapter 2

Chapter 2: European Exploration and Settlement

Marco Polo Italian explorer who traveled throughout Asia with his father
Christopher Columbus Italian explorer who was convinced the shortest route to the Indies lay west across the Atlantic Ocean
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella paid for Columbus' voyage
1492 year that Columbus set sail
Columbian Exchange exchange of plants, animals, diseases, and people across the Atlantic Ocean between Europe and the Americas
negative impact of the Columbian Exchange diseases
positive impact of the Columbian Exchange new crops and domesticated animals
Africans and Natives people who the Spanish settlers enslaved
conquistador Spanish explorer and soldier
Hernan Cortes conquistador who conquered the Aztec people in Mexico
Tenochtitlan capital city of the Aztec empire
Mexico City what the Spanish renamed Tenochtitlan after they captured it
New Spain name of the Spanish empire in the New World
Francisco Pizarro conquistador who conquered the Inca people in Peru
Juan Ponce de Leon conquistador who wanted to find the fountain of youth
colony new settlement established by another country in another land
Seven Cities of Cibola legend of seven cities made of gold
Francisco Coronado conquistador who set out from Mexico City to find the cities of gold
pueblos village of apartment like buildings made of stone and adobe
St. Augustine oldest permanent European settlement in the United States
Catholic missionaries accompanied conquistadores to the Spanish borderlands in hopes of converting the Native Americans
Jacques Cartier French explorer who was set to explore the Atlantic coastline of America and hoped to find a Northwest Passage
Northwest Passage a passage that was thought to connect the east and west coasts of the continent of North America that does not exisit
Samuel de Champlain sailed up the St. Lawrence River and built a trading post named Quebec
Quebec French trading post
Coureurs de bois French fur trappers
Huron Native American allies of the French
Iroquois Native American allies of the Dutch
Fr. Marquette and Louis Joliet discovered the Mississippi River
Robert de La Salle explored the entire length of the Mississippi River and claimed it all west of it for France, calling it Louisiana
John Cabot hoping to find a route to Asia, landed in Newfoundland and claimed the land for England
Sir Walter Raleigh tried to start two colonies in Roanoke that both failed
CROATON mysterious word left by the Roanoke colonists
Jamestown English colony named after King James I
John Smith took control of Jamestown and forced everyone to work before they ate
Pocahontas Native American girl who helped save Jamestown from starvation
Starving Time harsh winter where many Jamestown colonists starved because they did not have enough food
John Rolfe married Pocahontas and discovered tobacco as a cash crop
Henry Hudson sailor who explored the north Atlantic coastline for the Netherlands, hoping to find a Northwest Passage
Hudson River named after Henry Hudson
Dutch people from the Netherlands
Dutch West India Company company started by Dutch merchants to start a colony in America
New Amsterdam name of the Dutch colony
New York name of the English colony that was taken over from the Dutch
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