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American Revolution

Mercantilism An economic system in which country attempts to accumulate wealth through trade with other countries, exporting more than importing. "Commercialism."
Unalienable Rights The Natural rights of Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, and can't be taken away or denied.
Boycott Refusal to buy something as a form of protest.
James Armistead He was an enslaved African American best known for his work as a spy during American Revolution.
Crispus Attucks He was an African American man who was the first casualty of the American Revolution. Shot and killed at Boston Massacre.
George Washington He was the 1st US President. He was from Virginia. Commander and chief of the army during the American Revolution.
King George III He was king of England. He maintained an aggressive policy against colonial resistance and struggled to enforce royal authority in colonies.
Treaty of Paris 1783 Officially ended the American Revolution and independence recognized for colonists.
Battle of Yorktown last battle of American Revolution. British forces surrendered after the capture of two British generals, including Lord Cornwallis, along with many loyalists soldiers and sailors.
Battle of Lexington and Concord These were the first battle of American Revolution. " The shot heard round the world."
Battle of Saratoga This Battle was the turning point of the war, with victory for the Patriots. Also helped to convince France to ally with Americans against British.
Mercy Otis Warren She was wife of a Massachusetts patriot. She anonymously wrote several propaganda pieces supporting patriot cause. She wrote the first history of the American Revolutionalry War based on notes she had taken.
Thomas Paine He was a propogandist and journalist. He wrote the pamphlet "Common Sense," persuading Americans to join the patriot cause.
Abigail Adams Wife of John Adams. Served as his confidant and support while he served in Continental Congress. Reminded John to take care of women when considering declaration of independence.
Wentworth Cheswell African American patriot: like Paul Revere, he made an all night ride to warn community of British invasion: served in army and fought at the Battle of Saratoga.
John Adams He was the 2nd president. He was a lawyer and politician. Member of Continental Congress representing Massachusetts.
Valley Forge Place where George Washington took his army in the harsh winter of 1777 after several defeats. The men were trained and became more of a professional army rather than militias.
Benjamin Franklin He was a printer, inventor, and politian.
Stamp Act 1765 Taxed on all printed paper legal documents
Townsend Acts 1767 Tax on glass, tea, and paper
Boston Tea Party 1773 Colonist dumped tea into the harbor.
Intolerabel Acts 1774 Laws were meant to punish Massachusetts colonist.
Why did the British begin making new taxes for the colonies? To pay off debt from the French and Indian War.
1776 What happened ? Our Independence.
Marquis de Lafayette A French aristocrat and military officer who fought in the American Revolutionary War, commanding American troops in several battle, including the Siege of Yorktown.
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