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1st 9 week exam

review for 1st 9 week exam US History

Colony region of ship building and religious fervor New England Colonies
Colony region of religious tolerance...Quakers Middle Colonies...Pennsylvania
Colony region of plantation farming Southern Colonies
policy passed by British government to restrict American colonial trade to only trade with Great Britain Navigation Act
2 Countries affected the most by Navigation Acts passed by British government France, Netherlands
Colonist resurgence of religion that caused the questioning of Christian Church practices and teachings is known as... Great Awakening
The organization that helped the Colonist cause by boycotting British goods by creating own cloth & clothes... Daughters of Liberty
The British response to Chief Pontiac's raids on Detroit in 1763 Royal Proclamation of 1763
Reason British government created taxes in the 1760's-1770's for the American Colonist to pay ... Pay for protection from Native Americans and finance the French & Indian War
Thomas Paine is most noted for these two works of propaganda to influence Colonist to fight for the independence from British rule The Crisis & Common Sense
American Colonist formed this committee to carry out propaganda and form boycotts against the British government The Committee of Correspondence
5 die during protesting British meeting to raise taxes on American Colonist...incident used as propaganda against British Boston Massacre
3 British advantages during Revolutionary War more $, larger navy, better trained armies, better weapons, better overall leadership
3 American Colonist advantages during Revolutionary War know the land (fighting on homelands), guerrilla warfare tactics, will to fight for cause, allies French, Spanish, Dutch
Washington caught Hessian off guard by crossing the Delaware River attacking very late evening on this holiday... Christmas
This Prussian General helped train American Colonist armies at this camp during one of the worst recorded winters (2 answers) von Steuben / Valley Forge
This decisive battle trapped leading British General Cornwallis to end the war Yorktown
The greatest flaw of the Articles of Confederation was that Congress did not have the power to.... Tax colonist to raise money
This policy was created to section off land to determine new states Northwest Ordinance of 1787
This rebellion showed a weakness of the Articles of Confederation by the use of military Shay's Rebellion
These two state plans were used to create Congress and solved through the Great Compromise New Jersey (Senate) & Virginia (House)
The northern states fought with southern states about representation in Congress and slavery...but was resolved through this agreement... 3/5th Compromise
Anti-Federalist agreed to ratify the Constitution if this would be added... Bill of Rights
He led the Federalist cause and helped set up the National Bank system Alexander Hamilton
Thomas Jefferson's vision of the United States in the future would this type of economy... Agrarian (farming)
This President tried to limit the number of immigrants allowed into US and restrict the press from writing bad stories about the government through Alien & Sedition Acts John Adams
This treaty allowed the United States to purchase Florida off of Spain Adams-Onis Treaty
Over-speculation of land investments and poor crop seasons in Europe caused this US uncertain willingness to invest and value of economy to fall Panic of 1819
This was created to connect the Great Lakes to New York waterways and bring down the price of trade Erie Canal 1817
With new technology, foreign immigration, and factory job growth, this caused a population explosion in cities...this is known as... Urbanization
The Monroe Doctrine was created to prevent future European colonization in the western hemisphere...and that the US could not...? Start a war
Created by: BrianODonnell