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What was one reason the U.S. decided to enter WWI? Zimmermann Telegram.
What was one reason the U.S. decided to enter WWI? The sinking of the Lusitania and other trade ships by using submarine warfare.
What was one reason the U.S. decided to enter WWI? To maintain trading ties with Great Britain. $$
What is an alliance? An agreement between countries to be on the same side during war.
What were the 2 groups in WWI? Allies and Central Powers.
Who had to take full responsibility/blame for WWI? Germany,
What was the treaty at the end of the war that worsened political relationships in Europe? Treaty of Versailles.
How did the U.S. feel about the Treaty of Versailles? It was too harsh.
What was the Zimmerman Telegram? Germany wanted to Mexico to declare war on U.S. and attack them in their country in return for money and land.
What new music sprang up in the 1920's in cities like New Orleans? Jazz.
Who was an American baseball player who became a hero and one of the greatest of all time? Babe Ruth.
Who created the assembly line and the Model-T car? Henry Ford.
Who was the first man to fly solo in a transatlantic flight across the Atlantic Ocean? Charles Lindbergh.
What did the assembly line allow people to do? Specialize or become experts at a specific job (Example: just screwing a wheel on).
Who was the leader of the cultural movement called the Harlem Renaissance? Langston Hughes
Who was one of the most famous Jazz musicians of the 1920's? Louis Armstrong.
What is the 24th Amendment? No more voting/poll tax.
What is the 15th Amendment? All men of all races. No man can be denied the right to vote based on race.
What is the 19th Amendment? Women can vote.
What is the 23rd Amendment? Washington D.C. can vote.
What is the 26th Amendment? The voting age is lowered to 18.
Created by: lcrochunis
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