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Ch 5 Carolina Colony

mercantilism an economic system in which colonies contribute to the wealth and power of the Mother Country
colonies under mercantilism, who provided raw materials and could only trade with the Mother Country
Mother Country under mercantilism, who turned raw materials into manufactured goods and benefited most from the system
John Locke Philosopher who helped Lord Anthony Ashley Cooper write the Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina
Charles II King who provided the 8 Lords Proprietors with a land grant to settle Carolina
Yamassee Native tribe that launched an attack on colonists, killing 200+
Cherokee Native tribe that sided with English colonists to defeat the Yamasee
General Assembly Government of South Carolina; made up of two houses (Commons House of Assembly and Council)
Council Part of SC government that was appointed by the King or Lords Proprietors
Lord Anthony Ashley Cooper The most active of the 8 Lords Proprietors; wrote the Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina
rice Crop known as Carolina Gold because it was very profitable for Carolina
Barbados Small island that grew sugarcane and where the first Carolina slaves came from
Dissenters Disagreed with the official church; supported the Proprietary Party
Goose Creek Men Supported the Anti-Proprietary Party
Albermarle Point Original location of Charles Town
Oyster Point Second location of Charles Town on the peninsula formed by the Ashley and Cooper Rivers
Proprietary The type of colony that Carolina was originally started as; ruled by 8 individuals who were given a land grant
Royal The type of colony that SC became when it was under direct rule of the King
geography Carolina split into North Carolina and South Carolina due to differences in culture, economy, and _________.
Spanish European group in Florida that threatened Carolina
Kiawah Native tribe that was friendly to the early Carolina settlers and provided food to them
Huguenots French Protestants who settled in Carolina and brought their skills and strong work ethic
William Sayle First governor of Carolina
Commons House of Assembly Part of the SC government in which representatives where voted in by white, landowning males (representative government)
pirate someone who operates outside the law, such as Blackbeard
privateer Hired by the government to protect the waters
Blackbeard Edward Teach; pirate who terrorized the coast and blockaded the port of Charleston for six days
Royalists Supporters of the King
quitrent tax charged to settlers by Lords Proprietors
Governor Person in charge of controlling the colony; William Sayle was the first in Carolina
trade The Yamassee Natives were upset by mistreatment from colonists and unfair _____________.
smuggling Illegally trading with other colonies and countries; what colonists resorted to during mercantilism
Navigation Laws England's attempt to control trade (and prevent smuggling) during mercantilism
Henry Woodward Well educated man who befriended the Natives, was captured by the Spanish, and helped Charles Town survive.
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