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student ambassador

hand book info about the school

who? and when was pc founded? pickering college was founded in 1842 by quakers, the reigious society of firends.
the school was originally started in bloomfield, ON (prince edward county) and was called west lake boarding school which closed in 1865. in 1877 it was reopened in pickering village, ontario and after being destroyed by a fire in the early 1900s moved he
how many students/borders? grade are the boreders in? student per class? theres over 440 students, 125 boarders- from grades 7-12. average 18-20 kids per class
how many diffrent countrys do the boarders come from? boarding students come from over 25 different countries.
what are some of the countrys the boraders come from? Australia Bahamas. Brazil China Germany Hong Kong India Iran Iraq Japan Korea Mexico Russia Taiwan Thailand turkey Canada and the usa
when did it become a co-ed school? In 1992
When did the primary school open? In 1998
what type of school is pc? pc is non-denominational, how ever we follow quaker traditions and values
Created by: evel4580
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