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KS History Key Terms

Chapter 10, Lesson 1 - 3

those people you are related to who lived before you ancestors
the home of the county government county seat
relating to the study of the characteristics of human populations, including age, occupation, sex, and location demographics
cultural background ethnicity
motivation, such as a reward or punishment, to do something incentive
the process of becoming a citizen of a foreign country naturalization
a person who leaves his or her country during a time of crisis and goes to another country for safety refugee
the decline in the number of people living in the country rural depopulation
one after the other consecutive
able to do something, or meeting the qualifications for something eligible
naturally belonging to all people inherent
a local law ordinance
a form of government in which the citizens give authority to people they elect to represent them representative government
to reject a bill proposed by the legislature veto
the careful management of natural resources conservation
to unite into one whole or system consolidate
the process in which countries around the world become more connected and involved with each other globalization
the act of protecting something from being destroyed preservation
restoring a friendly relationship or harmony after disagreement reconciliation
to make a set of things consistent and to make sure they meet certain rules or requirements standardize
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