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KS History Key Terms

Chapter 9, Lessons 1 - 3

something that causes change catalyst
to travel a significant distance regularly, typically to and from work or home commute
similarity in form or character conformity
a business operated with the authority of a larger parent company franchise
to make something part of a business or corporation incorporate
a residential neighborhood that surrounds a city suburb
a competition between nations to build more powerful bombs and weapons arms race
an intense economic, political, military, and cultural competition between nations cold war
an economic and political system where the government owns all the land, property, and businesses communism
a type of energy created when the nucleus of an atom is split nuclear
a smaller armed conflict that becomes a stand-in for a clash between superpowers proxy war
something giving off radiation, energy in the form of electromagnetic waves or moving particles produced as a result of an atomic reaction radioactive
a nonviolent form of protest in which citizens break a law in order to make a point and bring about a change in government policies or practices civil disobedience
the rights of individuals to political, social, and economic equality civil rights
a lawsuit brought by a group of people who have a common interest class action
of or involving the common people for political change grassroots
desegregated; made socially, politically, and culturally separate groups into one functioning population integrated
the party that starts a lawsuit in court plaintiff
a peaceful protest in which participants occupy a forbidden space by sitting and refusing to leave sit-in
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