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KS History Key Terms

Chapter 8, Lessons 1 - 3

to examine materials (letters, books, movies, etc) and remove any content that is harmful, dangerous, secret, or immoral censor
a financial arrangement that allows a consumer or business owner to pay for a good or service over an extended period of time credit
something performed with little or no preparation improvisation
smaller payments over a period of time installments
the fee that must be paid for borrowing money or buying on credit interest
a style of music with lively, sometimes offbeat rhythms and melodies that musicians often make up as they play jazz
hatred or intolerance of others because of their race racism
unable to pay debts; without financial resources bankrupt
to plow or plant crops around hills contour farming
an organization or company owned and managed collectively by a group of people with mutual economic interests cooperative
a broad decrease in the prices of goods and wages in an economy deflation
something that prevents or discourages action disincentive
to use up all the nutrients in the soil exhaust
the person currently holding office incumbent
to cut a flat piece of land into a hill or mountain for farming terracing
to officially reserve money for a specific purpose appropriate
a person who refuses to use weapons against others for religious or moral reasons conscientious objector
required enrollment in the armed forces conscription
a ruler who has absolute, or unrestricted, control in a government dictator
a political system where a dictator runs the government and economy and citizens are not allowed to disagree fascism
the mass slaughter of European Jews in Nazi concentration camps during World War II Holocaust
the belief that a country should stay out of other countries' conflicts isolationism
per person, or per unit of population per capita
information designed to persuade propaganda
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