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KS History Key Terms

Chapter 7, Lessons 1 - 3

an economic resource that includes money, tools, and equipment (machinery) to produce goods and services capital
impure or harmful contaminated
varied or diverse diversified
the practice where one country takes control of other countries to gain power in another region of the world imperialism
rules or laws that say how something should be done regulation
having to do with the countryside rural
the development of special skills and strengths specialization
having to do with cities urban
a formal agreement between groups fighting a war to stop fighting, sometimes only temporarily armistice
a loan to a government by a private citizen with the promise of repayment with interest later bond
a widespread outbreak of disease epidemic
to assemble or prepare people and supplies for action mobilize
a position on neither side of a conflict or war neutrality
a specific amount to meet or achieve quota
a situation in which neither side of a conflict is winning stalemate
to decide an argument or dispute between two sides arbitrate
a system where employees and managers or owners negotiate for wages, working hours, and other conditions collective bargaining
unfair treatment of a person or group on the basis of race, age, or gender discrimination
the central cabin of an airplane meant to hold the pilots and crew fuselage
an organization of workers who join together to achieve common goals, such as better pay or safer working conditions labor union
a tactic of labor unions where workers refuse to work until the company meets their demands strike
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