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Beef Quiz Bowl

Ag class beef quiz bowl

Henry Clay What famous Statesman Brought Herefords to America?
Angus, Hereford, Santa Gertrudis, and Afgander What Breeds make up the Barzona?
Tom Lassiter Who started the beefmaster breed?
Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD) What does BVD stand for?
Magnesium What injection does a cow with grass tetany get?
Fat in Scrotum What is cod fat?
Belgium Blue, Romagnola, Piedmotese Name two double muscle breeds
Temper What is disposition?
Shorthorn Name one dual purpose breed of cattle?
Bacteria Blackleg causes a swelling in the legs, is it caused by a bacteria or a virus?
Height related to age How is frame size determined?
Taste What is Palatability as it concerns in livestock production?
Chuck Ground chuck comes from what wholesome beef cut?
Vitamin D What vitamin comes from the sun?
210 days After how many days of pregnancy can the fetus actually be felt during palpation?
homozygous:same heterozygous: different How is Homozygous and Heterozygous different?
Ruman, reticulum, omasum, abomasum Name the four stomachs of a bovine animal?
Roan What is the ideal color for a milking shorthorn?
life span What does longevity mean?
Horn Tissue What is scur?
Transfer one egg from one female to another. Define Embryo Transfer
Chiania What is the largest breed of cattle?
Angus What is the most popular beef breed of cattle?
Broman What breed of cattle has drooping ears, a loose dewlap and sheath, is raised in the southern US, and is very heat tolerant?
Animal Born Dead Define stillbirth?
Crossbreeding Define hybrid Vigor
Polled If an animal is scurred, is it horned or polled?
Brangus What was the first breed of cattle to be cloned?
Polled Hereford, Red Angus, Santa Gertrudis, Brangus Name 4 breeds of American Cattle
Quarantine What should be done with new animals for a minimum of 30 days before entering the herd?
Carbs and lipids What are the two major sources of energy in diets?
Italy The Romagnola beef breed came from what country?
Aberdeen What northeastern Scotland County did Black Angus come from?
Swelling of the female parts Define dilation as it refers to the birthing process.
12 Ovulation occurs how many hours after standing heat?
Scrotum The bag that the testicles are housed in?
Salt and Sugar What are two types of meat preservation?
Does not A pregnant cow does or does not come into heat?
Liquid Nitrogen ~ -320 degrees What is semen stored in and at what temperature?
Angus Which breed of beef cattle is the most populated?
Feeding Cattle from 400 lbs to 700lbs What is backgrounding?
Yield and Quality What are two grading systems for beef?
Meat and Milk What is a dual purpose breed?
Bos Indicus and Bos Taurus Two main types of beef
Black Baldy What is Hereford X Angus cross called?
Fertilized egg What is a zygote?
Dry What is a non-lactating cow called?
Sperm Cells Where are 2 heads or 2 tails and other abnormalities found?
Age at Puberty Testicular size is correlated with?
18-21 days Average days between heat Cycle
Sterile heifer born twin to a bull What is a Freemartin?
Cholostrum The first milk of a cow is called what?
Murray Grey What breed of cattle used in the United States came from Australia? Shorthorn and Angus mixture.
Expected Progeny Difference (EPD) What does EPD stand for?
To select animals How do we use EPD's?
Prime, Choice, and Select Name 3 quality grades.
libido A bulls sex drive is called what?
283 days What is the gestation period in cattle?
MGA What is the feed additive used to synchronize heifers?
Male Carcass Where is the pizzle eye found?
Limousin What breed originated in France and is
Male born with one or no testicles What is a cryptorchid animal?
Brahman What breed of cattle has the muscle layer with the ability to shake off flies?
Warron Gammon Who founded the Polled Hereford breed?
Switch Grass What is the native warm season grass?
Fat cover A condition score indicates what?
MBIC The check off is ran by what organization?
Bovine Beef belongs to what scientific class?
Castrated What does neutered mean?
62% Expected dressing percentage of choice 1200 lbs steer?
Calving Difficulty What does distorcia mean?
12 and 13th Between what two ribs is the loin eve measurement taken?
Oxytocin What hormone causes milk letdown?
Fat thickness What factors go into figuring yield grade?
Gelbvieh This breed is known for the golden cow?
Centimeters Scrotal circumference is measured in what units?
X and Y A male calf will have what chromosomes?
Behind the ear Where are implants placed?
3 lbs Steers will gain how many lbs per day in a feedlot?
height and Width What measurement are taken on the pelvic?
Santa Gertrudis The breed of cattle that was developed on the King Ranch in Texas?
Average Daily Gain What does ADG stand for?
Fungus Ringworn is caused by what?
30 pairs Beef animals have how many pair of chromosomes?
low Reproductive traits are low or high habitability traits?
AI What is synchromate B used for?
missing one permanent scisor What is broken mouth cow?
3rd stage of pregnancy What does the term preg 3 mean?
2 How many permanent scisors does a cow have?
Belgium Blue Name a double muscled breed of cattle.
Bangs What is the common name of brucellosis
genotype The genetic make up of the animal is called?
phenotype The physical characteristics of the animal are called?
Same Father AND Mother What does the term full sibs mean?
terminal Sires where progeny marketed for slaughter?
barbed wire The invention in 1873 that helped beef production?
Lungs In what organ does pneumonia occur in?
Chuck The shoulder meat area is called what?
calving interval The birth date between calves is called?
Under the Skin What does the term Sub Q mean?
Haylage Another name for low moisture silage?
45 degrees The angle of the shoulder in bulls and females?
30% The highest percent of fat put in ground beef?
Select In 1987 the quality grade good was changed to what?
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