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Native Americans

Native Americans Unit test: All Regions

Which region used horses or dogs that pulled a travois for transportation? Great Plains
Which region used whales for food, tools, etc? Northwest Coast
Because the Northwest Coastal tribes did not have a written language, what did they use to tell stories? Totem Poles
Another name for corn is... Maize
The 3 sisters are another name for... corn, beans, squash
True or False: The Southwest was hot and arid and did not have many trees or rivers. True
True or False: The Eastern Woodlands had fertile soil. True
True or False: The Great Plains was hot and arid. False
True or False: The Northeast Region had a mild climate with oceans, rivers, and stream. True
Fact or Opinion: The Southwest Region is the best place to live. Opinion
Who was in charge of both the longhouses and the pueblos? Women
Tepee, Longhouse, Pueblo: Which of these can NOT hold many families? Tepee
What is the Southwest term used for hills with flat tops? Mesa
True or False: Dream catchers were used in the Southwest. False
A type of sled formerly used by North American Indians to carry goods, consisting of two joined poles dragged by a horse or dog. Travois
A doll that is used to teach Southwest children about religion. Kachina
A person who wanders and travels from place to place to find food is called a... Nomad
A hidden underground room built in a pueblo is called a... Kiva
Which region used Kachina dolls to teach children about the spirits and religion? Southwest
Which region fasted for 3 days and then drank snakeroot potion, and vomited before going to war? Southeast
Which region had totem poles? Northwest Coastal
What region drizzled the blubber from whales onto their food? Northwest Coastal
What region wore masks to scare away evil spirits? Northeastern Woodlands
What region was hot and arid? Southwest
All regions ate the "3 sister" except for the... Northwest Coastal
Which region lived in longhouses made of tree and bark? Northeastern Woodlands
Which region had flat and grassy land? Great Plains
Which region built pueblos? Southwest
Which region used all parts of the buffalo to survive? Great Plains
Which region used whales for food, tools, etc? Northwest Coastal
Which region used horses or dogs that pulled a travois for transportation? Great Plains
Created by: keithb
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