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KS History Key Terms

Chapter 3, Lessons 1 - 3

present or available in large amounts abundant
relating to plants or plant life botanical
a person skilled in making maps cartographer
a flowing together of two or more streams confluence
having enough food or resources to live subsistence
not safe or well suited for living in; unlivable uninhabitable
to add or take over new territory annex
to absorb or conform to the customs and attitudes of a particular cultural group assimilate
someone who leaves one country and settles in another emigrant
the right of a government to take private property for public use eminent domain
the belief that it was the God-given right of the United States to control all of the land from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean Manifest Destiny
someone sent to do work for a religion, like convincing people to join the religion or helping the sick missionary
to restrict the amount of goods available to buy or use ration
an area of land set aside by the US government for Native Americans to live on reservation
relating to health, cleanliness, disposal of garbage or waste sanitation
a person or political movement that argues for ending slavery abolitionist
a crop that is grown for profit rather than for use by the grower cash crops
the practice or policy of territorial or economic expansion expansionist
in colonial times, a person who agreed to work, for a period of four to 10 years, for someone who paid his or her travel expenses to a colony indentured servant
whether something is right or wrong morality
a farm designed to grow crops on a large scale plantation
a political concept that gives authority over a state or territory to the people who live there, especially concerning slavery popular sovereignty
to cancel or overturn a law repeal
laws that defined slaves as the property of slave owners and which greatly limited black freedom slave codes
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