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KS History Key Terms

Chapter 2, Lessons 1 - 3

to change one's behavior to survive or live under new conditions adapt
the study of past people and cultures through a careful examination or artifacts archaeology
a wooden tool used to throw spears atlatl
when people exchange goods for other goods without using money barter
something that is widely accepted and exchanged throughout a region; money currency
to train an animal to need and want to be around humans domesticate
to assume or conclude based on known facts infer
move from one place to another migrate
tools that are used to make a job easier or to solve a problem technology
to decorate adorn
having to do with the sky celestial
people who moved from place to place in search of large game nomads
an article, like a bag, made from an untanned animal hide parfleche
small supply of something; when something is rare or hard to find scarcity
a frame hung between trailing poles and pulled by a dog or a horse travois
a partnership between groups or nations for a common goal, often in a conflict alliance
something that attracts people allure
the ability to resist disease or infection immunity
something living or occurring naturally in a place; native indigenous
to hunt illegally poach
when something makes a large amount of money profitable
authority based on the power of government sovereign right
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